GPLI Presbyopia Fee Calculator
Section 1: Determine Maximum Hourly Professional Fees Projected
1. How many hours do you see patients in a full work day?
2. How many patient appointment slots are scheduled in a full work day?
3. How many of these are comprehensive exams?
4. How many of these are follow-up, progress or recheck exam slots?
5. What are your comprehensive exam fees?
6. What are follow-up exam fees?
7. Projected daily professional examination fees at full capacity
8. Projected hourly professional fees at full capacity
9. Projected $ of professional fees generated per minute at full capacity
Section 2: Number of Office Visits and Time Allotment Time per visit (minutes)
To ensure accurate calculations please select only one fitting type
1. Fitting visit: New wearer - K's, topography, discussion, diagnostic fit
2. Fitting visit: Previous wearer - K's, topography, discussion, diagnostic fit
3. ECP lens delivery visit
4. Staff time at % of ECP fees Staff Time
(minutes with patients)
% of ECP fees
5. Follow up visit 1
6. Follow up visit 2
7. Follow up visit 3
8. Follow up visit 4
9. Follow up visit 5
10. Follow up visit 6
Section 3: Professional Fees
1. Calculated Professional Fees
2. Calculated Staff Fees
Total Fees
Section 4: Material Costs Mark Up
1. Determine your product mark up
Material Costs
Section 5: Material Costs Single Lens Pair
1. Determine your lens cost
Section 6: Lens Fees
1. Calculated Patient Fees - per lens
2. Calculated Patient Fees - per pair
Section 7: Fee Determination
1. Calculated Professional Fees - per lens
2. Calculated Lens Fees
3. Total Patient Fee
4. Net Income - per fit
Section 8: Projecting Annual Profitability
1. Fits per month
2. Annual Profitability
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